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"When Quinnworks left my home everything was so neat it was like they were never even here doing any construction."

"I hired a different contractor because I thought I could not afford Quinnworks. Now, here they are fixing the mess that the other guy made. Cheapest can get you in trouble sometimes."

"The new porch was a real surprise. Now with it closed in and the heat from the house and the portable unit we live out there all year."

"I was unsure about those changes and it turned out good. I'm glad one of us was thinking ahead!"

"We had to wait a while to get Quinnworks Inc. but they were here when they said and stayed with our job until it was all done. My friend had another company and saw their workers once a week. It took them forever. Our wait was worth it."

"The men you have working for you are very nice. They seem to like what they are doing and get along really well. One time when we put our pool in, the pool company people made it so I had to close my windows so my children couldn’t hear them."

"We had retained Quinnworks for a number of projects at our home in Cambridge ranging from relatively small jobs ($10,000) to renovations well in excess of $100,000. In all cases, Quinnworks has performed the work competently and on time. We had unpleasant experiences with other contractors, but in the case of Quinnworks, our expectations have been met, the prices have been fair and there has been complete communication during all aspects of the job. You run an excellent company and we are pleased to do business with you."

"Quinnworks are beyond expectation.

I've worked with several building contractors over the years so I had a preconceived notion. Poor responses to my questions, misunderstanding my requests, sub-par work quality from sub-contractors, not adhering to a time table, and messy work site were all things I thought came with the territory of building.

Not with Quinnworks.

Mr. Quinn always returned my phone calls. There were several times when I'd have a message on my voice mail at work, on my cell phone, and my husband would have a message on his phone from Mr. Quinn about an issue to resolve. Likewise, my messages to him were returned the same day - usually later in the evening after they had worked a long, hard day.

Everyone knows the cliche´ about "best laid plans". Despite my best efforts to plan for every detail and contingency, there were changes during the remodeling process. Quinnworks always responded positively. They never hesitated in offering ideas that would improve the project.

When I hired Quinnworks, I got a group of dependable and trustworthy subcontractors. The subs that I spoke to directly were as proud in their workmanship as Mr. Quinn and his crew.

During our very first meeting, Mr Quinn estimated the job to take about four months, perhaps more if there were delays due to weather or suppliers. Despite the weather, despite a few hiccups with supplies, they finished within the estimated time frame. More impressively, almost every portion of the project was finished in time. If by chance there was a delay, Quinnworks put in extra time and effort to catch up.

They thoroughly respected the fact that this was my HOME, not just a project. They worked diligently to make sure my family remained comfortable while living here during the remodeling. What stood out from that first day of the project-the cleanliness. Our project involved dismantling an addition, gutting the kitchen, dining room and utility room. I never felt like I was coming home to a bomb site. Dust and debris were removed at the end of each day.

It was a great working relationship - Quinnworks was truly interested in making my home the best it could be. They took personal pride in their workmanship, dependability, and integrity. As Mr. Quinn said, "Your home will be a showcase." It is, thanks to Quinnworks."

"Quinnworks did an excellent job remodeling my 60yr old bathroom! They not only did everything I asked for, but also made many recommendations to improve my ideas. Their expert advice proved essential to turning the nastiest room in this 60yr old house into the most functional and beautiful. Despite my delay in deciding to start this project, Mr. Quinn took it on when many other contractors would not; he fit it into his already full summer schedule, and finished the job in time for my son to move back in on schedule. I highly recommend this company to anyone, and would gladly discuss my experience with anyone considering using Quinnworks."

"I could not finish the rating because the job has not been done yet. So far though Jeff Quinn has been a professional and a great business man. I recommend him to anyone in the Centreville/Queen Annes County area. Mr. Quinn has finished the deck. A+ job!!!! I couldn't be happier!!!! Professional, hardworking and courteous crew!"

"We are so pleased with our new 3 season room!! Your attention to detail regarding our request to match the contour of our existing hip roof has truly made this an exceptional room.

All your staff was polite, courteous, and exhibited an outstanding work ethic, (unfortunately what is sometimes lacking in today´s labor force).

A day was never completed when there were trash or building materials lying about; your staff always tidied up the premises very well."

"We have known Jeff Quinn for more than twenty years professionally. He has done innumerable jobs for us. From decks, garages, fences, windows, doors, etc. He and his crew have always been courteous and prompt - otherwise I would not have dealt with him. He has constantly been fair in his price.

Jeff Quinn knows building construction and if he can´t do the job - he has people who can, and Jeff can vouch for them. That is a relief so you don´t have to look through the yellow pages and be in for a surprise and not get someone with expertise that Jeff Quinn has."

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