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Additions & Remodeling

Make your dream home the home you already own! Although we appreciate the simplicity of building new homes (and have done them well) we relish the opportunity for more challenging projects. We will guide you through the process of developing a plan for customizing your present home. Your needs and preferences will meet with our ideas and building concepts. The marriage of these components can produce a masterpiece of design and function. Years of experience with these types of projects have given us the ability to size up a situation and offer solutions. Whatever the reason--more space, a fresh and updated look, changing life circumstances-we will truly "build to suit".

About this Project:
This seasonal cottage was transformed into a dramatic year-round residence. Additions on the front and back added almost 1000 sq. ft. of living space. Panoramic views, (opened up by custom designs worked out on a scrap of paper) included new roof, front and rear additions, new windows and doors, cedar siding, a multi-level deck and renovated master bedroom area.